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Formed in early 2011, Bad Bikes Inc. a family owned and operated shop came to light as two bike builders decided that in order to have the finer things in life you don’t necessarily have to spend for it. The chopper industry has for years been dominated by many talented individuals, but unfortunately the only ones able to afford such bikes were people of means and companies looking for an advertisement. While this is all good and well we thought to ourselves what about the average Joe, he shouldn’t have to mortgage his house to have a nice ride. That’s when we decided to revolutionize the industry.

Unlike most production bikes a chopper is a custom bike, typically built from the ground up. This can dramatically affect the price and let’s face it the starting price has always been high. Not anymore, Bad bikes is proud to offer everything from entry level choppers starting near ten thousand and going up from there. Weather your just getting started in the world of custom motorcycles or want the wildest custom . As we are riders we don’t want to deny anyone’s love of the open road.

Currently our shop is in the process of designing our custom trike kits, available to convert any American or metric cycle to a trike. Just because your back and hips can’t take the abuse they used to doesn’t mean you have to leave the road. Our trike kits were designed specifically for those who already have a bike and don’t want the hassle of selling their bike and finding a trike that is probably highly priced and hard to get. If you already have the bike, we can convert it for you. If you haven’t found that trike of your dreams let us custom build it for you, just like our choppers we can make anything from mild to wild.

Service, the one word everyone dreads. Taking your bike to the dealership usually means you’re going to pay hefty fees and wait sometimes weeks to get your ride back. This is ridiculous; you wouldn’t be servicing it if you didn’t want to ride it so clearly you don’t want or need to wait that long for something as simple as an oil change or mileage service. Furthermore the prices some of these dealerships charge leaves something to be desired to say the least. We ride and we know enough of our cash goes into the gas tank, we dare you to find lower prices.



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